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Our management team is comprised of experienced managers who have built companies in the past yet are young in spirit and eager to build another leading company. Our multi-disciplinary team has a broad range of skills such as entrepreneurship, sales and marketing in medical fields, financial, and legal.

Gad Appelbaum

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Gad Appelbaum, Chairman of the Board and majority investor.

The owner of an Israeli investment company active in the fields of trade and manufacturing. He serves as an executive Chairman or director on the boards of multiple private and public companies, including a director at Discount Capital Markets and ex-Chairman of Discount Underwriting -- both subsidiaries of Discount Bank (TASE: DSCT), the 3rd largest bank in Israel. Mr. Appelbaum has held senior executive positions in the Israel Corporation(TASE: ILCO), HP Israel (NYSE: HPQ), and in the Accountant General office of the Israel Finance Ministry.
Mr. Appelbaum holds an MA in Public Administration and a BA in Economics, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

David Frances


David is an entrepreneur and majority owner of Gad Medical Ltd.

David has over 28 years' experience in leadership and senior management roles in medical device technology, R&D and clinical operations.
David is responsible for raising public awareness about advanced medical technologies in Israel, introducing them into the medical community, and getting reimbursement for them.
David -- and his vision to bring advanced medical technologies to Israel for the benefit of patients and their families -- is the beacon lighting up the company's path.

Gilad Appelbaum


Mr. Gilad Appelbaum has been CFO of the company from its first day. Gilad has extensive financial management experience with companies of all sizes.

From 1991-3 he served as a junior analyst at the central Bank of Israel. He then went on to be chief analyst, account manager, COO and CEO of financial services and management companies. Over the years he led financial restructurings, built business plans, raised equity funds, and managed M&As.
Gilad has a BA and MA in Business Administration (Finance) from The Israeli Management College.

Deborah Dar (Mrs.)

Sales Manager

Ms. Deborah Dar has almost two decades of marketing and sales experience in the Cardiology & Radiology medical device field.

A former employee at Boston Scientific and Volcano Corp, Deborah has vast experience in increasing market share, launching products, and building and executing strong business plans. Over the years she has built and maintained solid business relationships with Israel's medical KOLs.
Deborah holds a BA in English Literature from Tel-Aviv University.

Avi Ben-Avner

Sales Manager

Mr. Avi Ben Avner started his career in the medical field in1993.

Started his career as a sales rep in Neopharm, introducing novel minimal invasive techniques to a relatively new market. Working closely with the surgeons in the operating rooms, he gained a deep understanding of the market and built strong relationships with suppliers.
He went on to open a new department at Chemotic, where he established exclusive representations and built a loyal, award-winning sales team.
After many years in sales management and business development, Avi joined Gad Medical where he found a dream team with whom he can work for many years to come.
Avi holds a BA in Political Science.

Nir Gilat

Sales Manager

Mr. Nir Gilat, is a senior executive with two decades of experience in the orthopedic medical device arena.

From the outset, Nir has consistently increased market share above projected growth, launched commercialization initiatives for new products/technologies, and expanded markets. He has a unique people management approach that drives business growth, based on his belief in the strength of the team.
Nir Joined Gad Medical following 19 years at Johnson & Johnson orthopedic subsidiaries DePuy and DePuy Synthes, where he held various sales, marketing and management roles with increasing responsibilities -- most recently as DePuy Synthes General Manager in Israel.
Nir holds a BSc in Life Sciences and an MBA, both from the Ben Gurion University.

Betzal'el (Tzali) Movshovitz

Operations Manager

Mr. Tzali Movshovitz manages the Gad Medical supply chain. He monitors and supervises orders, inventory management and distribution -- ensuring a flawless order process and high customer satisfaction.

Prior to joining Gad Medical, Tzali was the founder and co-owner of a digital printing company, where for 13 years he led customer relations, logistics, business development and financial management.
Before that Tzali worked for more than seven years as a lawyer in a Jerusalem firm, focused on civil and commercial law matters, labor law and litigation.
Tzali holds an LLB from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


We insist on cultivating a warm and nurturing company that creates a family like environment. Recruitment the marketing and sales’ force of the highest level of personal excellence, accompanied by long experience and a university\college education.

Rachel Shapira

Product Manager

Mrs. Racheli Shapira. Product specialist of Terumo and in the endovascular department and Product specialist of Straub endovascular system. Previously, Mrs. Shapira worked as a stoma and wounds care specialist nurse and sales rep. in Philtel pharmaceutical company. Earlier, Mrs. Shapira served for several years as an E.R (Emergancy room) nurse in Hadassah Ein Karem hospital and then as a home care nurse (as a Stoma and wounds care specialist) in Clalit Health Services. Mrs. Racheli Shapira holds B.A in Nursing from the Hebrew University Medical School in Jerusalem.

Einat Gochman (PhD)

Product Manager

Dr. Gochman is in charge of the oncological treatments, which GAD medical offers. She works for 3 and half years in the company.

Dr. Gochman is in charge of the oncological treatments, which GAD medical offers. She works for 3 and half years in the company.
Among them: Radioembolization with TheraSpheres for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) and metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC).
In this treatment glass microspheres which contain Yttrium 90 (Y90) are delivered to the liver, using selective catheterization during endovascular procedure.
Trans arterial Chemoembolization (TACE) with drug eluting beads. In this treatment biocompatible beads coated with doxorubicin for HCC or with Irinotecan for mCRC are delivered to the liver using selective catheterization during endovascular procedure.
Blend Embolization in this treatment the product blocks the blood flow to selected area, thus it can effectively shrink a tumor or block an aneurysm. The procedure is an endovascular procedure.
Previously Dr. Gochman worked as a CRA in medical device company.
Dr. Gochman hold in Ph.D in molecular biology (signal transduction in chronic inflammation leading to cancer) from the Technion institute in Israel. She is also a registered dietitian. Her Bachler degree is in nutrition from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Rami Dorot

Product Manager

Rami is the youngest manager at Gad Medical, in-charge of our fast growing neuro-modulation field.
Rami specializes in opening new markets and implementing the products and services attached with them, working side by side with the companies customers' service teams.
Rami is a person who thinks in a "different" way, giving Gad Medical new perspectives on marketing and sales technique, while bringing lots of passion into his work.
Our partners worldwide now use some of those marketing techniques, which he developed.
Rami has joined us after a very successful period at Stryker Sustainability Solutions, where he helped to change the way OR and hospitals work in Israel.
His hobby (as a passionate extreme skier) taught him never to give up, in his words:
"I have crushed 13 backflips on my head until I landed the first one. Never give up, you will find a way".

Nadav Cohen

Product Manager

Nadav leads the Cardiology team of Gad Medical since January 2016.

Nadav acquired broad expertise in the medical device and pharmaceutical field. He was previously product manager and sales person of several products and fields.
In addition, he has an MBA from the excelling program in Bar Ilan University (specialty in Marketing). Prior to that, he had finished his first degree in Life Sciences and Business administration at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Dean List).
Previously, he was the Product Manager of FIRAZYR at Madison Pharma and heading the marketing and professional sales of hereditary angioedema in Israel in general and the Firazyr product in particular.
He started as Sales and marketing representative for orthopedic and gynecological equipment at "Tradis Gat"; and continued as Sales person and IVUS Product Manager (Cardiac ultrasound for medical cardiology and invasive radiology equipment at Medison Pharma - managing the field work with senior cardiologists and radiologists, technicians, nurses and senior procurement personnel, selling expendable medical equipment throughout the country . Strategic and tactical responsibility for selling and marketing to hospitals throughout Israel Responsibility for collecting and transferring scientific and professional materials.