About Us

Gad Medical Ltd. Is dedicated to be the market leader in bringing the latest technologies and treatments in the medical field.

We believe that our first responsibility is to the patients, physicians and nurses. We build our reputation on reliability, Transparency and providing the highest level of quality and performance.

Our employees are fully trained in the clinical treatments, and make no compromises to meet our patients' needs.
We believe in providing our employees with all they need, in order for them to be excellent in their work and reach great achievements.

Gad Medical Ltd. Was founded at 2013 by David Frances and Gadi Appelbaum, that wanted to bring their medical knowledge and innovative spirit in to the outdated medical procedures. The partners saw in their vision a company that will make the treatments more efficient, more convenient for the medical staff, and with less risk to the patient. With this goal set they started to recruit workers that are passionate about what they do, and they do it well.

We always say, "we want to provide the best treatment, like if the patient is a family member". This is what makes us unique. We believe that our personal attitude leads us to be more professional and excel our abilities.

We distribute high quality medical devices, top innovative technologies that improve medical procedures for patients and physicians.

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